Tartar cornet of the restaurant Ronda 14

Influences of our fusion cuisine

Roll of sea and mountain (shrimp and red meat) of the restaurant Ronda 14

From Japan

Mario Céspedes has put a new spin on NIKKEI, the latest sensation in Peruvian food. He’s mixed Asturian products with new, haute cuisine techniques, producing recipes that bring out the best of each product: rolls, sushi, ceviche…

Ronda 14 is able to provide guests with a fun but refined experience that dives deep into fusion cuisine. It is accessible. It respects and cares for its food. It uses techniques that guarantees the best of each fish, of each base, of each sauce… In other words: haute cuisine you can enjoy.

Peruvian products used in our kitchen

From Peru

Fusion and mixes define Peruvian cuisine. Since Mario Céspedes grew up and was surrounded by a special way of understanding gastronomy, where home cooking was highly influenced by Italian, Chinese, Japanese and African cooking. From his native Lima, he learned that his kitchen at Ronda 14 would be free.

Peppers, potatoes, quinoa… these are all basic ingredients that can be found in any Peruvian kitchen: on the northern coast, from the Amazon, from Arequipa, Andean and Novo-Andean… these are just a few ways to understand this far-reaching gastronomy that is exciting in so many different ways.

Ceviche with tiger milk and lemon aji with squid from restaurant Ronda 14

From Asturias

Learning about Asturian gastronomy is to learn to appreciate and take care of our food. Understanding the region’s gardens and the Cantabrian Sea’s impressive offer of fish and seafood is fundamental to comprehending Mario Céspedes cooking at Ronda 14. Asturias is home to stews, slow cooking and good eating.

The chef, originally from Lima, uses traditional recipes as a base in his kitchen and dedicates hours to slow cooking all Ronda 14’s dishes. Céspedes’ proposals have brought together strong, traditional stews with yellow pepper, rocoto… and converted them into genuine sauces that give his culinary offer a touch of distinction. This uniqueness has brought about a new culinary style: dishes based on products, fusion and slow cooking. This is what defines Ronda 14.

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