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Comedor del restaurante Ronda 14 de Avilés
Detalle de las composición de una mesa en el restaurante Ronda 14 de Avilés
Vista general de la entrada del restaurante Ronda 14 en Avilés
Plantas situadas en la entrada del restaurante Ronda 14 de Avilés
Detalle composición de una mesa del restaurane Ronda 14 en Avilés
Vista general del restaurante Ronda 14 de Avilés


Ronda 14 Avilés marks the beginning of Conchi Álvarez and Mario Céspedes culinary dream. Their restaurant is located in the old quarter of the city and has, despite its uniqueness, formed a true part of the local food scene.

In addition to everything it has to offer, this fusion restaurant has become a meeting point for foodies that enjoy interactive meals both inside and out. Next to the Cantabrian Sea, surrounded by mountains, this go-to restaurant in the Principality of Asturias is one of the busiest in the city.

2011 marked the beginning of their joint adventure, with Conchi Álvarez running the dining room and Mario Céspedes as head chef. They have been recognized with a number of awards, have been mentioned in travel guides, won over specialized critics and been approved by the public.

Ronda 14 Aviles has had the great pleasure of bringing together people from different generations in one single space, every day; people who are willing to be seduced by different food that makes almost everyone happy. Even those who have never tried fusion cuisine, Peruvian food or hints of nikkei find recognizable flavors combined with enjoyable, new sensations.

Stews and Asturian products make an appearance in many dishes that are available every day at Ronda 14 Aviles. Its menu, as innovative and global as it is, provides a new spin on traditional Asturian recipes, products and gastronomy.

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Sala del restaurante peruano Ronda 14 de Madrid
Sala del restaurante con jardín en el techo del restaurante en Madrid Ronda 14
Detalle de una mesa del restaurante Ronda 14 en Madrid
Detalle de pizarra con la carta en el restaurante Ronda 14 de Madrid
Comedor del restaurante Ronda 14 de Madrid
Barra y entrada del restaurante de Madrid Ronda 14

Madrid - Barrio de Salamanca

Ronda 14 Madrid is one of the most widely accepted Peruvian and fusion restaurants in Madrid. Conchi Álvarez and Mario Céspedes opened in Madrid in 2015, and is now much more than just a new place you have to try; it has become a true point of reference, time and time again.

With an ever-changing menu, Mario Céspedes discovered the ideal place to let his culinary freedom fly. He proposes new and bolder creations every day, looking to surprise guests without putting his classic cuisine on the bench.

Located at Calle General Oraá 25 in the Salamanca neighborhood, this fusion kitchen brings the best Cantabrian products and haute cuisine together to provide guests with the highest quality products presented in various formats to share and enjoy. Modern tapas, sushi, ceviche… (one of the best in the capital according to guidebooks and critics) in a modern and attractive environment.

Great, friendly service with wine, cocktails and craft beer complement an offer that is able to please all types of people, from classic to modern.

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After achieving success in Avilés (Asturias) and Madrid, Ronda 14 is now on the Costa del Sol, Málaga. This fourth headquarters is located in the heart of the city of Malaga, on Luis de Velázquez Street, 3, maintaining the same concept that characterizes its previous establishments.
Ronda 14 Málaga adopts the non-stop cooking formula, with uninterrupted hours from Monday to Sunday, thus adapting to various types of clients.

Ronda 14 is one of the best restaurants in Malaga where you can enjoy Nikkei cuisine with the culinary proposal of Mario Céspedes, which represents taste fusion between the cuisines of Peru, Japan and Spain, and Asturian nods, using a refined technique that achieves refined and balanced flavors.
On the menu we can find snacks such as tiradito or tasty ceviches and causa limeñas among others. And on the other hand, the delicious rolls, which make Ronda 14 one of the best sushi restaurants in Malaga.

The design of the space, once again, is the work of the Madrid architecture studio Ballarín+Mendoza, also responsible for the interior design of Ronda 14 Pozuelo (Madrid). It has an area of ​​160 square meters, a cozy living room and a large terrace to enjoy the favorable climate of the Costa del Sol all year round.

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Pozuelo de Alarcón - Madrid

Ronda 14 Pozuelo es la continuación de un proyecto gastronómico único por el que apostaron Conchi Álvarez y Mario Céspedes desde la apertura de su primer restaurante en Avilés.

Situado en la calle principal de Avenida de Europa 42 de Pozuelo de Alarcón, este referente de la cocina fusión nos acerca desde este enclave también en la Comunidad de Madrid, a las gastronomías de Perú, Asturias y Japón a través de una carta de piqueos y sushi ya tan característica de Ronda 14, con la gran originalidad y valentía que dota al chef aportando a cada platillo su marcada personalidad.

El diseño de este punto de encuentro para los amantes de la gastronomía fue llevado
a cabo por el reconocido arquitecto Ramón Mendoza, que para ello se basó en distintos elementos naturales de nuestra querida Asturias, dando lugar a un espacio muy amplio en el que disfrutar de cada visita.

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